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Biogas plant remediation

There have been many biogas plants built using the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) that were capital funded projects, but there was no inventive or financial reason to maintain or operate these plants to a working standard.

We can turn the prospects of these plants around, to become profit centres not cost centres.

Biogas plants when well operated and maintained, are a valuable resource. BRIMEX Energy in partnership with EnergyMet, can bring your biogas plant up to the required specification to produce good quality and quantities of biogas.

Biogas to biomethane upgrading

BRIMEX Energy continue to own and operate our own biogas and biomethane upgrading plants, you get the benefit of our 'hands on' experience.
We provide our partner company low carbon compressed (bioCNG) truck fuel at less than the market price of diesel.
Our flagship project co-locates onsite organic waste treatment (AD plant), with biogas to biomethane upgrading, to a compressed gas fuel station, that provided back-to-base refueling for their fleet of low carbon trucks running on biomethane.

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Zero organic waste to landfill services

BRIMEX Energy is not a 'new kid on the block', we are a collaboration of experienced innovative companies, Farmergy and Dorset Biosolutions in the UK, and Grupo Serrano in Mexico.
We have already implemented the policies / frameworks / solutions / projects that we are presenting to you.
Our partners are of the first service providers to offer organic waste recycling services to large scale food processing and production companies.