Biogas to renewable electricity

BRIMEX can provide you with the co-generation plants (CHP) or just renewable electricity generation sets that suits your power needs.

  • If your process requires heating and hot water, then choose co-generation CHP
  • If you only need power, then a Gen-Set is what you need

BRIMEX Energy specify, install, commission and service AD and upgrading plants, and can even operate for you if that is your preference

We are sales agents for Sandfirden Technics, a Dutch company who specialise in the optimisation of SCANIA and AG-CO engines for the biogas to energy sector

Sandfireden Technics excel in the following machinery, Brimex deals items 3,6 & 7, please contact us regaring the other categories):-

  1. Marine Diesel Engines
  2. Industrial Diesel Engines
  3. Industrial Gas Engines
  4. Marine Diesel Generator Sets
  5. Industrial Diesel Generator Sets
  6. Marine Gas Generator Sets
  7. Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  8. Duopac Steering Gears
  9. Propulsion Sets
  10. Electric Propulsion Drive System

Please see our products page for details on the plant we have available.